[thelist] Use of <abbr title>

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Mar 15 08:25:00 CST 2002

> Not all 'words' are pronounced ...
> SQL (yea yea, the 'real' pronunciation of SQL <duck />).

okay, now you've done it

SQL is pronounced -- drumroll please -- "ess-cue-ell"

it is *also* pronounced "sequel" and/or "squeal" and/or "squirrel" by some
people, and these people are -- shock! horror! -- not wrong!!

my apologies to erika for suggesting (on thechat) that there is only one

in fact, there are many ways (although only one way for those who work with
sql regularly <duck />)

as for acronym versus abbreviation...

     "it's an acronym"

     "no, it's an abbreviation"

     "is not"

     "is too"

in all the back-and-forth, you seem to have forgotten that dictionaries to
not set rules, they merely record common usage, what people are saying

there were several posts in this thread stuffed chock full with dictionary
references, and yet i *still* don't know whether SQL is an acronym or not

can we perhaps bring this thread back to a web development topic, and
discuss the acronym and abbr tags? never mind that their purpose, intent,
and interpretation may be flawed, how do they work in real browsers?

<tip type="search engine jockeying, er, positioning">
so your client has an inhouse search engine guru?  ask your client to show
you the inbound links from the so-called guru's own web site to the company
site -- one of the best search engine strategies is to maximize the number
of reputable sites that link to you, and if the so-called guru doesn't have
a web site linking to his own employer, what does that say about his
authenticity and search engine smarts?


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