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> > If it can't be pronounced as a word, it's not an
> > acronym.  Whether or not most/all acronyms are also
> > abbreviations (true) was not part of the original
> > post.


> An acronym
> is usually
> pronounced as a word, but not necessarily.

I said if it *can't* be pronounced as a word, it's not
an acronym.  There's no contradiction between that and your

So, Rudy, assuming your pronunciation of 'SQL' is correct,
it's not an acronym but an abbreviation.  Same goes for
'PNG', which I've never heard turned into a word before.

Acronyms and abbreviations are different things, hence
the need for different words for them.  The fact that people
have started using the two different words interchangably
matters not a bit: 'common usage' of an error doesn't negate
the error.  Similarly, writing 'there' instead of 'their'
is still wrong, however often I see it online.

That's my last contribution because (a) it's still off-topic,
tips notwithstanding and (b) I'm running out of tips anyway :-)


<tip type="Internet Connection Sharing and Linux">
There's a fantastic wizard in Mandrake 8.1 which reconfigures
one of your network cards to be and installs a
DHCP server, ipchains and iptables to make the local private
network function.  You don't need to understand it!  It's
just like the one in Windows!


If your office network uses some other address space, say instead, you're out of luck.  None of it will
work and you're back to the console editing conf files by

The tip?   Plan in advance.  If you're building a network
now and want to place a NAT proxying box in there later,
these are the things to consider now, and not later.


John Handelaar

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