[thelist] Windows XP ICS

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Fri Mar 15 09:30:01 CST 2002

Happy Friday -

I'm helping a person who just got a Dell notebook with XP on it set up
ICS(internet connection sharing) and am having some problems that maybe
someone else has run into..

The notebook has a connection through a PCMCIA card to a DSL line, it's
built in adapter is hooked into a hub with one other computer. Setting
ICS up wasn't a problem, and once it's running, everything works as it
should. The problem comes when the machine gets rebooted, it forgets the
settings that it had(sharing), and the external interface won't share
the connection.

Specifically, when the computer reboots, I open the my networking
places(or whatever its called). The outside connection is greyed
out(disabled) as normal when it first boots. When I right click on it,
and say 'connect' it connects just fine to the DSL and the laptop is
able to see the internet, but doesn't remember the settings the ICS
wizard gave it. It gives the status of the connection as 'enabled', but
not 'shared'.

The wack thing is when I rerun the wizard and set up ICS again, it works
just fine... Untill I reboot. MS Tech "support" was seriously a
joke.(but thats a different story)
Anyone else ever ran into a problem like this?

Thanks :)


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