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Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Fri Mar 15 11:20:01 CST 2002

At 08:19 PM 3/15/2002, Andrew H. wrote:

(Getting back to the topic...)

>Speech-readers will probably read the title attribute, so would you code
><acronym title="Portable Network Graphic">PNG</acronym>
><acronym title="ping">PNG</acronym> ?

This is an interesting issue. Is the use of the <acronym> tag primarily
aimed towards blind users? If so, I believe that pronouncing the expansion
of the acronym would be aurally annoying. For example, take the following text:


The <acronym title="Graphics Interchange Format">GIF</acronym> format
allows only 256 colours, while <acronym title="Joint Photographic Experts
Group">JPEG files</acronym> can have up to 16.7 million.


If the screen reader did read the title attribute, the blind user would
hear the text like this:


The Graphics Interchange Format GIF format allows only 256 colours, while
Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG files can have up to 16.7 million.


That doesn't sound so good, does it? Of course, I don't know much about
screen readers (they don't exist in this part of the world) and I assume
Andrew H is right about how screen readers treat the <acronym> tag.



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