[thelist] Windows XP ICS

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Sat Mar 16 02:00:00 CST 2002

>I don't know to fix your microsoft ICS, but I recently set up
>connection sharing btwn two Win2K pc's and a mac (all
>static IP's over dial
>up) using the inexpensive PPPShar shareware, which does
>the same thing as MS
>ICS -- and more, including better secrurity.
>I recommend it over ICS.

Having tried it and switched to this:


I would recommend Analog Proxy over PPPshare, moreover Analog Proxy
is free.

(run and install on main box, set use proxy server on all other
networked boxes and it will handle:
HTTP (web), HTTPS (secure web), POP3 (receive mail), SMTP (send
mail), NNTP (newsgroups), FTP (file transfer), and Socks4/4a and
partial Socks5 (no UDP) protocols!

Much easier to set up than ICS.

Have fun


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