[thelist] Dots (.) in image file names

Syed Zeeshan Haider zeeshan_paki at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 16 05:33:00 CST 2002

Hi Magnus,
Thank you for replying my questions.
I agree with you. I opened
http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/industry/02/28/gates/index.html and tried
to save an image of Bill Gates with Four different browsers. The results
were as follows:

Internet Explorer 5.5:   story.microsoft.gates (GATES file)
Opera 6.2:                   story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)
Netscape 4.77:            story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)
Netscape 6.2:              story.microsoft.gates.jpeg (JPEG image)

Note that only Internet Explorer saved the file with an invalid
extension (hence, invalid file format). Other browsers worked well. May
be, there is a bug in Internet Explorer which must be removed by
I deduced all these results after reading your reply. So thanks to you.
But one little thing. I often save images from internet for my personal
use (not commercial use) and all of them are saved with *.jpg extension
(if they are JPEG images) but in above results Opera and Netscape used
*.jpeg extension which is not very familiar to me. I use Microsoft
PhotoEditor to view images. This software does not recognize *.jpeg
extension while Microsoft Imaging (a part of Windows) does recognize.
Microsoft PhotoEditor recognizes only *.jpg extension.
Anyhow, thank you for taking time to concern about my questions.
Note: The problem of dots and extensions is mostly seen on CNN web site.
Thank you,
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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Syed Zeeshan Haider wrote:
> If yes, is it really a way to prevent the illegal use of images? Can I
> rename images on my site with two or three dots (like image.any.jug)
> the same purpose?

You can name your images what ever you like. The program /OS should look
at the file and not the name.

Since Windows looks at the file name, and .file names are much easier to
remember even if you use Linux/UN*X. I'd stick to .jpg .png etc. when
naming files.

To me all the CNN images seems fine, using Netscape 4.77.

On Linux there is a program called "file" that determine file type. On
Windows you could just open the file in a text editor and the first line
will say what kind of images it is. (If it is an image :-)

.gif will have GIF, .png PNG, and .jpg JFIF somewhere in the file.

As others have said, changing file name will not stop people from
copying you images.

Magnus Østergaard

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