[thelist] Dreamweaver bitchfest

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sat Mar 16 09:14:01 CST 2002

>     | Reasons:
>     | 1. everything's been done with absolute positioning,
>     | using div tags. That means the order in which things
> DW does not do anything with DIVs, I wonder what gives you that idea. It
> is perhaps an incompetent HTML coder who smooshed everything into DIVs
> before you got the pages to clean up.

I meant that everything in the code I've been handed was done with absolute
positioning...  And said code has been done with Dreamweaver, but now that I
have my hands deep in it, I see the problem areas are mainly done with
Fireworks.. Tables with 10 rows, and 9 columns, while 5 rows and 1 column
would be enough... sigh..
As for the DIVs, I am 100% certain that the designer has no idea how to hand
code, so it had to be done via DW/Fireworks..

Ok, back to work.... sigh..

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