[thelist] real men code by hand...

Dave W dw at clara.co.uk
Sat Mar 16 18:55:01 CST 2002

Nick Wilson <nick at explodingnet.com> wrote...

> I'd be interested to start a thread on the virtues and vices regarding
> our coding preferences.
> Personally I feel that coding by hand offers more control and a greater
> degree of satisfaction but I'd be interested to hear the groups opinion
> on thes.....

Just got UltraDev at work for some database coding and wish I hadn't!

These days it seems a lot easier and quicker to load up a text editor and
get on with the job in hand rather than wait for this or that to load and

Like Dave Kutcher said, it's easier to do some things in Dreamweaver. I'll
use it to whip up the page shape and outline and then get on with the
editing and revising in TextPad (a good editor by the way)

Dave Williamson

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