[thelist] real men code by hand...

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sat Mar 16 20:07:00 CST 2002

> Would it be equally as inflammatory to respond that while
> hand coding is practical and important to know it's usefulness
> for entire sites went out with the strapless bra?

when did the strapless bra go out?

what do women wear under strapless gowns?

and speaking of which, why are they called pantIES when there's only one of
them, and A bra when there's... oh, never mind

anyhow, let's get back to talking about doing it by hand...


you know what bugs me?  tag completion -- one of the reasons i never took to

tag colouring, though, is another matter -- that's why i used arachnophilia
for a while

> Customers should be able to see that you can afford top-notch
> software like Dreamweaver or Flash, and that you have achieved
> the correct certification, which proves you are a real web-developer.

richard, you have got to be kidding

> Your best bet is to stick with well-known companies, then you can
> put their logos on your website, which always makes a good impression.

yeah, you're kidding.... right?


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