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>> The *idea* behind it (afaik) is that if people are using browsers
>> that don't
>> support CSS2 then they might as well receive the unformatted page layout.
>Let me question one thing, though.  On BlueRobot.com, he notes that:
>"This layout fails in IE4.5/Mac. That browser has poor support for CSS
>absolute positioning, yet it recognizes and executes the CSS @import
>statement used to hide CSS from broken browsers. Currently, there is no
>known solution."
>Since this is true, from the perspective of a company which is trying to
>sell products on the web, is using CSS positioning a valid option.  Let's
>assume that 1% of users are visiting their website with that browser.  Is
>the value of using CSS for positioning really more valuable to a company
>than creating accessable pages to that 1% of its population?
>If not, the time for CSS positioning is not here yet.  What are your

IE 4.5/Mac is widely regarded as a lost cause for a number of reasons.

I first came across its limitations with regard to flash and
FSCommand/Javascript URL client-side scripting methods: it was the only
popular browser on any platform at the time that chocked on both methods,
so we simply wrote it out of our testing plans. I figured that users of
that particular browser either had such an awful internet experience that
they'd long since upgraded, or did not know they *could* upgrade and were
on their way to being one of those fall-by-the-wayside late adopter cases.

IE5 has been the standard Mac install for years now, so usage of IE4.5 is
probably more in the 0.0001% range.


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