[thelist] real men code by hand...

David Kutcher david_kutcher at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 16 20:29:01 CST 2002

Ah, CVS.  Actually, we were using an early (I believe 1.0) version of MS

I've learned much since then... and use CVS and the newer versions of

The problem was more complicated than I let on... but yes, she managed to
mangle it quite substantially.  It was an issue with publishing in the 1.0
version... she had checked out, checked back in, and then published her
changes.  1.0 didn't have rollback on published versions.

> Wow.
> Why wouldn't your source control not allow you to check out a pre-mangled
> version to get them back? We use CVS at our shop, and the control it gives
> is *unreal*. I can't count how many times I've saved myself from major
> screwups thanks to CVS. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was
> to find that it comes preinstalled on Mac OS X. :)

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