[thelist] real men code by hand...

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Sun Mar 17 02:10:01 CST 2002

>real men don't need color-coding...

but they'll use it if it's available. I like TextPad's syntax hightlighting
- it frequently points out a missing '>' or '"' for me without needing a
full html validation.

>anyway, i'm one of those odd users won't take the time to
>configure a text editor to not auto-indent or auto-complete or
>not stick tabs and buttons in my face or not pretend it knows
>HTML better than i...

TextPad don't do nothin' you don't ask it to. Everything except the pretty
colors turned off by default.

>notepad is everywhere -- on my home machine, on the laptop i
>found at the coffee shop, on my client's servers, on my
>parents' machine...  learn to master notepad, and every
>computer is a pit-stop coding workstation for those long days
>in the big blue room when you just can't get that block of
>code out of your head... stop for a coffee and a code dump,
>and move on to the next court-mandated community service
>gig... that's the freedom notepad allows....

Knowing how to live in notepad is very important in my book. I frequently
cheat and touch up a quick bit of code right on the web server, and I ain't
installing ANY text editor (or other unneccessary software) on a server if I
don't have to. Notepad's fine for quick edits. I hate it for writing a full
page, and I dislike running multiple copies just so I can copy and paste
from code modules. Gimme a MDI any day.

>...who is currently trying to get the borrowed copy of Life of
>Brian out of the DVD case,

Press the button with the tip of your finger, but don't touch the disk.
It'll pop loose, then you can pick it up. Two-step process, not one-step as
with a CD case where you press and lift simultaneously. With my pudgy
digits, it's dang-near impossible so I have the kids do it for me.


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