[thelist] real men code by hand...

Peter Kaulback pkaulbak at idirect.ca
Sun Mar 17 10:10:00 CST 2002

In the hour of 02:52 AM 3/17/2002 -0500, aardvark spoke this:

>real men don't need color-coding...  real women don't need those men,
>anyway, i'm one of those odd users won't take the time to configure a text
>editor to not auto-indent or auto-complete or not stick tabs and buttons in my
>face or not pretend it knows HTML better than i...
>notepad is everywhere -- on my home machine, on the laptop i found at the
>coffee shop, on my client's servers, on my parents' machine...  learn to
>master notepad, and every computer is a pit-stop coding workstation for those
>long days in the big blue room when you just can't get that block of code out
>of your head... stop for a coffee and a code dump, and move on to the next
>court-mandated community service gig... that's the freedom notepad allows....

except when you only have DOS EDIT, I have windows 1.0 around here
somewhere and EDIT works fine except when you want to save the file on the
5.25 disc.

>oh, and in case i haven't mentioned this enough in the past year, i hate
>WYSIWYGs... won't let any of my employees use 'em, and make clients sign
>off that i'm clear if they should open the work i hand over in a WYSIWYG...
>and so i'll pimp that article now...
>To Hell With Bad Editors
>yep, that's me...

Great article, but I still like playing the latest whale of bloat code
dynamic site generators.

>...who is currently trying to get the borrowed copy of Life of Brian out
>of the
>DVD case, and finding it's harder to accomplish than popping a strapless bra
>with sweaty hands on prom night...

Hopefully that will teach you a lesson, powder your hands when you wear
your prom dress, and go get a copy of Jabberwocky instead :)

Peter Kaulback

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