[thelist] real men code by hand...

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 17 10:15:01 CST 2002

> From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
> > I agree -- insisting on only using Notepad is sheer masochism.
> > It's like slicing tomatoes using a butter knife. Sure, if there's
> > nothing else to hand it will do the job, but you'll do it better and
> > more quickly by getting a proper chef's knife and keeping it sharp.

*this* woke me up...  oh, and i am a masochist...

> whoa, notepad and knives and tomatoes?  aardvark will go nuts, if we
> let him, since he's passionate about all three of those things

counting to ten.... one... two... five...

i would *never* cut a tomato with a butter knife... that's just offensive... and i
do properly oil and steel my knives... tomatoes actually split themselves in
half when they see me coming...

> with notepad, aardvark keeps his html sharp, so he can handle any
> tomato he comes across...
> i don't think he's against using the best tool, just against the tool
> thinking it's smarter than he is

actually, i'm a user of NoteTab... i don't use it as my default text editor,
however...  friday i used it for most of the day because i needed to see line
numbers very quickly, i needed an MDI, and i needed some of its more
advanced s-n-r features...

if i were on a Mac, it'd be simpletext...  when i was *nix, it was Emacs
(although i dabbled in vi)...

> someone else, dependent on a tag completion editor, say, who is forced
> to use notepad (come on, work with me here) might forget to close all
> his tags
> there are any number of notepad-like editors (i personally use
> something called pfe) and i don't think anyone, even aardvark, is
> actually saying to use *only* notepad

no, i would never propose that... i know that notepad is a good way to neuter
a developer, but i've becomed so accustomed to it, that for 90% of my tasks,
it never slows me up...

i do not like color-coding, though... requires too much customization to get it
to look right, and it makes me start to get lazy on code formatting...

> anyhow, veronica, you are on very shaky ground with the use of a word
> like "proper" -- way too subjective

just ask MC Hammer...

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