[thelist] code bloat examples

Jane Williams jane at williams.nildram.co.uk
Sun Mar 17 13:38:12 CST 2002

On 17 Mar 2002 at 9:26, Pat Meeks wrote:

> I'm probably going to get killed for asking, but as someone who has coded in
> html (but I'm not an expert and have nowhere near the expertise of many list
> posters), I would appreciated it if someone could let me know what they mean
> when they say "code bloat"

I don't know what DW produces, but HTML generated (perpetrated?) by MSWord tends
to include things like this:
<font color=red><font size=4></font></font>

That's right, two font tags not one, and no content. Then it does it again. And follows up
with <P></P>: still no content.

That's the simplest example I can think of, anyway.

The next would be where the font tags do have content, but are done separately (and
identically) for each line of text.

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