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Mike Migurski mike at saturn5.com
Sun Mar 17 14:17:01 CST 2002

>> i don't think he's against using the best tool, just against the tool
>> thinking it's smarter than he is
>actually, i'm a user of NoteTab... i don't use it as my default text editor,
>however...  friday i used it for most of the day because i needed to see line
>numbers very quickly, i needed an MDI, and i needed some of its more
>advanced s-n-r features...
>if i were on a Mac, it'd be simpletext...  when i was *nix, it was Emacs
>(although i dabbled in vi)...


comparison of simpletext and emacs?

I'm surprised you're not into the search/replace/scripting possibilities
of BBEdit.  I also find that it's language-recognition is superb: i like
that little bit of visual feedback you get when you close a set of
brackets or parentheses. It's also got fantastic keyboard navigation:
option- and command- key modifiers to zip around a file without ever
touching a mouse. Very close to vi's, and it seems as though it was useful
enough for apple to intergate system-wide in OS X.

you *are* a masochist. :)


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