[thelist] weird image preloading problem

peter peteratevolt at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 14:45:01 CST 2002

I am using the dreamweaver image preloading script,
but am having problems with rollovers: when I rollover
a button the page seems to call the server every time:
which delays the rollover image showing by about a
second. I don't understand it because I'm doing
unload=... in the body tag to preload the images.

Locally the time it takes is almost nothing, but now
that it's on the server it is pretty bad...

I can't actually show the site because of an NDA...
Any tips of what to think of? My javascript skills are
limited to hacking existing scripts or writing really
really simple ones...
Thanks for any idea where to start! This site needs to
be ready by Wednesday...

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