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* and then Richard Bennett declared....

> Personally I feel that coding by hand offers more control and a
> greater degree of satisfaction but I'd be interested to hear the
> groups opinion on thes.....
> If you want to make a professional impression, you have to use the
> right tools for the job. Customers should be able to see that you
> can afford top-notch software like Dreamweaver or Flash, and that
> you have achieved the correct certification, which proves you are
> a real web-developer. Using these tools is also proof for your
> customers that their website is coded to the highest standards,
> and hasn't been messed around with by people who can't afford real
> web-development-software, and think that they know everything better.
> Your best bet is to stick with well-known companies, then you can put
> their logos on your website, which always makes a good impression.


That, for me has just put the icing on the cake. I'd hoped to
get some interesting opinions but that is an absolute gem. I read it
three times and have saved it permanantly to a place of honor on my hard
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