[thelist] <DL> tag

Dave schemer at cyou.com
Sun Mar 17 16:29:01 CST 2002

I just went and checked it with the WDG validator and it passes with both the
3.2 and the 4.0 transitional so I guess its just the internal validator in my
Homesite trying to mess with my tired brain...I think I am good to go...

Nick Wilson wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> * and then Dave declared....
> > Is the Glossary list or definition tags history? The reason I ask is
> > that in Homesite 4.0 I had never used the wizard that creates it before
> > until today, but when I run its own validator over the code it just
> > produced, it had about a million errors. What replaces it in a 4.0 or
> > 4.01 transitional doc type? Or is it just the list tags? Looked like a
> > great wizard until...
> What error are you getting. The <dl> tage is perfectly valid AFAIK....

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