[thelist] real men use PHPLib templates?

Marcia Welter mhwelter at welterweb.com
Sun Mar 17 19:14:00 CST 2002

> > Bait is the understatement of the year. Nick probably had his server
> > logs in full view when he posted so he could watch the hits come in
> Strangely enough I fogot all about it untill just now (10pm ish sunday
> night) What a corker....

I spend a lot of time around "promoters." Some would do just that :)

I use DW, it serves its purpose, will be moving to XHTML so changes are in
order and now there's a good number to check out. But this has grabbed my
attention big-time:

PHPLib templates // generates the html so behave you DW buggers  :-)

I NEED something to generate HTML pages from templates - where do I get
this, and does it run on a Windows box, local or server? Please tell more.


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