[thelist] Seeking Opinions: low budget Digital Video Cameras

Josh Earl jearl at adel.tafe.sa.edu.au
Sun Mar 17 19:32:00 CST 2002

Hi All,

Well it looks like I'm in the market for an entry level Digital Video
Camera. What I was wondering was, does anyone out there have any experience
with sub $600US DV Cameras, especially in low light situations? I'm not
interested in the 'nightvision' style 0 lux options...as retaining image
quality at night is crucial.

The main application I'm buying it for is the documentation of Fire
Art/Dance while I travel the world on a shoestring :). Fire Art is typically
dynamic in terms of movement, and at night.

Any help would be appreciated!



PS if the listees deign this post to be OT, I'll pay with a Tip (but I have
to think of one first).

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