[thelist] MSN browser

Marc Seyon seyon at delime.com
Sun Mar 17 20:41:01 CST 2002

Two questions gang, low priority on both...

How similar is the MSN browser to Internet Explorer, and is it actually a
stand-alone browser or does it use the IE engine? (I'm guessing identical)
And can you check version info on the MSN browser? (I'm not a user, just a
curious developer)


In case this may be OT...
<tip type="asking for a critique suggestion">
Hope this isn't recycled...
Lots of folks like having the list review their latest production - that
results in many "Site check" or "Site critique" subjects.
Want to help make these more distinguishable? Drop your site URL in the
email subject.
eg Site Check - www.myspiffynewsite.com

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