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Kathleen Heytink K_HEYTINK at winebow.com
Mon Mar 18 13:27:01 CST 2002

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> From: Dave [mailto:schemer at cyou.com]

> Are you using version 5.0? The reason I ask is I use 4.0 and
> am trying to
> upgrade to 5.0 but Macromedias site is having some problems
> with being very
> slow...If you are using 5.0, did it fix any of the resource
> and stability
> problems that 4.0 had?

I'm using Homesite version 4.5.2  What resource and stability problems?  I
haven't had any problems except that it's a bit of a memory hog.  I did
download the update - which is why it's 4.5.2 instead of 4.5/

In all probability I will upgrade, but I haven't as yet.

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