[thelist] Re: IE PNG Support

Martin Stenderup-Larsen mslalm at worldonline.dk
Tue Mar 19 03:47:00 CST 2002

Kevin writes:

> Hey,
> Do any of you knwo what the situation is with PNG Support.
> It's seems pretty crappy at the moment with IE6, whereas NS6 seems to do most
> tests perfectly.
> We'd be able to do some cool stuff if it was supported properly and i'm
> wondering how long i'll have to wait. (:
> http://home.tephras.com/temp/PNG/
> for PNG fun and frolics.
> (o:
> - Kevin
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Hey Kevin
Sorry i can't help you but maybe you can help me. How do i get of this mail
list. Please tell me.


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