[thelist] iframe tag cross-platform problems

Janice Tocher jtocher at bellsouth.net
Tue Mar 19 08:47:01 CST 2002

Hi all,

Been awhile since I've had a question for the evolt list... you guys have
been great in explaining nuances, etc. of coding.

Now, I come to you in need of sage advise once again...

This is my first time using the iframe tag and have run into some cross
platform display problems. All looks super on Macintosh in Explorer 5.
However, on Windows in IE and both platforms in NN6, my iframe is not

You can see an example at the following:


What I *want* to do is to have the iframe set at 100% to completely fill the
balance of the page. However, when I set the iframe height="100%" it falls
off the bottom of the page - this would be ok *if* the valign="top" worked
with the iframe, but it doesn't appear to.

see http://www.averra.com/web_examples/iframes_tst1.htm

I suppose I could add another table cell below the iframe set to
height="100%" and use DHTML to update the table cell style, but *really*
don't want to go down that path unless there's no other workaround.

Any suggestions???

My thanks in advance!

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