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Again, thanks for the added info. The printer spit out a hard copy as soon
as I read that.

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> > Thanks for the info...I just happen to have Visual Source Safe in
> > with my Visual Studio 6.
> > Dave
> Any time.  If you have never used HomeSite to connect a project to
> any CVS, be prepared to spend a bit of time futzing around.  HS is
> really snippy about Projects and source-control apps.  Here is the
> method that has worked best for me.  Not sure how much of this
> process is myth and truth, but it works. :)
> 1) Create a single master working folder where all your development
> projects live.  For me this "c:\development"
> 2) Map that root working folder to the root project of VSS "$/"
> 3) Do a "Get Latest" on your entire VSS project tree.  This is really
> important since HS does not pull down a list of files in a Project.
> It just reads whatever is on your HD.  So if you don't have a copy in
> working folder, you don't get to access it through HS.
> Here is an example of my structure:
> /$ [c:\development]
> /$/clientA [c:\development\clientA]
> /$/clientB [c:\development\clientB]
> 4) Next create your HS projects by targeting the root folder of each
> client.  This is REALLY IMPORTANT.  The HS Project file has to be
> inside the client folder or you are toast.  Make sure your HS Project
> is named the same as the VSS Project name and the working folder
> name.
> 5) Map the HS Project to the VSS Project by right-clicking on the
> Globe icon at the root of the HS Project tree.
> 6) Open your ss.ini file in your user directory on the VSS server.
> If there is more than one Project-working folder mapping then
> something has gone wonky.
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