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Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com
Wed Mar 20 11:03:01 CST 2002

>1) peculiarities of the notes browser;

peculiarities of IE, at least in Windows, as they simply embed IE in the
Notes client. (I have Notes for Mac, but haven't set it up so I can't say
what it's like.) Be aware that Notes users can specify any browser they
choose; the embedded one is merely the default choice.

>2) Can I use the notes browser as a front end for another
>application which I'm told is SQL based.(happens to be an
>accounting package)

Hmmm. In my installation, some plug-ins (such as flash) work in the
embedded browser, while others, such as Acrobat or Quicktime, do not. I'm
afraid this answer is "it depends."

>3)  Any difficulties in access a notes database from php?

There, I'm afraid, you're on your own. My guess would be "yes," but that's
only because I haven't found anything but Notes that could access a Notes
database, then, I haven't tried very hard. Generally, when you're accessing
a Notes db, you're accessing a Notes server, which can act like a web
server, and then you're using Notes tools to do it.

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