[thelist] Changing table style dynamically

Janice Tocher jtocher at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 20 13:44:01 CST 2002

Hello again,

Just about to finish a project and have a question regarding changing an
assigned style dynamically based on a mouseover. I'm not looking to change
the style of the moused over area (this.style.foo), but an unrelated area -
in other words, roll over a menu item at the top of the page changes the
background color and image for a table cell at the bottom of the page.

It would seem this would be a common thing to do, but can find any code
reference anywhere... guess instead of a 'this.style.foo' am looking for a

I've dabbled a bit in DHTML and am familiar with the DOM and manipulating
locations of objects, but not styles.

Any help would certainly be appreciated!


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