[thelist] The pages validates but there's an display error on IE6 pc.

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at niicommunications.com
Thu Mar 21 07:58:02 CST 2002

I've tried to figure what it is... I can see it well on all browsers but in
ie 6 win I get a annoying div movement... Is the only pages that does that
display bug...


2 things to try

1. In the XHTML code you have the "rightim" first. Try putting the "leftic"
first. Browsers render from top to bottom & left to right.

2. Remove "float: right;" from the "rightim".

I just gave the code a quick look and this is what stuck out to me. I didn't
have time to test these theories. (I am running IE6 on WinXP and your
original layout breaks)

Hope this helps!


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