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Kathleen Heytink K_HEYTINK at winebow.com
Thu Mar 21 08:28:01 CST 2002

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> From: Gina K. Anderson [mailto:gina at sitediva.com]

> In need of a web site downloader that will pull down the site
> as structured in
> the server. I need a mirror of the site, not an altered one
> :) I've looked at
> several, but the ones I've seen don't tell me if it messes
> with the folder and
> file structure or not. I've tried two, and I don't get what I want.

I needed to put a copy of our web site on a CD for a sales meeting (where
they wouldn't have an internet connection).  I tried several, but I was most
satisfied with Web Copier from -- http://www.maximumsoft.com/

At the time I got it, they had a limited version that was available for
free.  Now I see that they have a new version which is shareware for $30.
This product is well worth the price.  It was a snap to set up and use. It
also pulled all of the data out of the database for the dynamic pages and
constructed the proper links.  It kept all of the structure of the web site
in tact, as well.

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