[thelist] JS: Preload images problem

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Mar 21 18:55:01 CST 2002

> You should see the crap that I talked her out of.

heh, good one

<tip type="form versus function">

The Myths of Structural Markup
Jorn Barger 30 September 1998

what caught my eye, of course, was the disdain implicit in the phrasing "an
extremist faction of the cult even insists that these [H1-H6] tags be used
in sequence, never skipping a level..."


some of you may recognize the url as belonging to the "robot wisdom"
weblog, but there's way more than the weblog on his site

i don't like the way he creates link text, but at least he has a rational
explanation for making his link text as small as possible -- i prefer to
use the TITLE of the target, for consistency, and to help the search

his navigation, frankly, sucks

but there's a wealth of info and the guy is definitely worth reading

for example, see this recent post --


normally, when i read stratospheric (way over my head) stuff like that, i
have mixed feelings -- envy, for people with obviously more brainpower than
i have, and suspicion, that they're talking rubbish (emperor's clothes

in the case of robot wisdom, i think the guy is for real



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