[thelist] Multiple doctypes in one file

Brad Miller brad at beldamar.com
Thu Mar 21 21:18:01 CST 2002

I am working on a single source solution for my company and ran into a snag
today. (Everything is going to be in XML)
We are generating help documentation for a web application. Kinda like a
real app but over the web. Each page of the app has a corresponding help
page. We are also generating tool level help. Which is nothing more than a
combination of many of the individual pages.

So the problem is that we are going to create all of the page level help
files that have to have a doctype and style sheet all their own. Then when
we combine the pages to create a tool level help file we have to have
another doctype declared.

That means that now I am including multiple files that have doctypes
declared in each file and trying to declare another doctype for the main
This is rather hard to describe but basically I will be declaring multiple
doctypes in the same file and that just won't fly.

Has anyone ever tried to do this or have any ideas on how I can get around
this problem.

If I use the same DTD and just make my root element for tool level optional
I could declare something like this.
<doctype PAGE "help.dtd"> for the page level
<doctype TOOL "help.dtd"> for the tool level

but I don't know that having the same DTD declared with different root
elements will work either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Brad Miller
brad at beldamar.com

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