[thelist] Norway?

Liorean Liorean at user.bip.net
Fri Mar 22 10:21:00 CST 2002

At 10:49 2002-03-22 -0500, Matt wrote:
>Is it Norway? Or Sweden? I know one of them basically made high-speed
>the national internet standard and installed it country-wide. God bless
>democratic socialism... :)

Sweden have decided that they should have 98% of the population able to
connect to broadband 2006, I think. (They are likely to be about 90% by
then if the computer business doesn't bubble up again.)
But the building if the national broadband network is only in a minor part
state financed, mostly paying for it and the actual digging down cables are
the municipalities and the companies in the business. By the way, 500
kbit/s is the lower limit for calling something "broadband", which makes
various DSL techniques covered as well (not to talk about satellite-modem

As for the percentage high-speed connections, it's the highest in the
world, and that is also true for general connectivity to the internet, as
well as computer density.

As for Norway, it's well along (like Sweden I think it ran past USA some
years ago). I'd say that in both countries, 56k is the lowest you'll have
to be concerned with, and some companies even offer private persons 10
Mbit/s direct lines in the biggest cities (I looked at the prices - they hurt).

// Liorean

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