[thelist] targeting effectively (was: navigation through form posting)

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Sun Mar 24 18:10:01 CST 2002

>If your second point, "code smartly" is supposed to mean
>handle the special cases that some target browsers produce,
>than how does that not mean spending more development and QA time?

As Hamilton Burger would say, "Asked and answered."

Read back thru aardvark and matt's posts. In about a thousand words you've
got a decade of coding experience you could benefit from.

I'll attempt to summarize it: if you write good code, it will work nearly

The trick is knowing what 'good code' is. These guys do; look at their
portfolios. They're not kids playing with the web; they're web professionals
making a living and a name by being good at it.

If you're working hard to reach 90% of your audience, and these guys are
working less to reach 99%+ of their audience, who do you think is writing
'good code' ?


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