[thelist] targeting effectively (was: navigation through form

Matt Liotta mliotta at iname.com
Mon Mar 25 02:09:01 CST 2002

On 3/24/02 8:20 PM, "Megan Collins" <megan631 at swbell.net> wrote:

> Today at least 90 percent of real surfers are using Level 5 browsers.
> The rest are search engines, people using accesibility devices,
> developers like us who wanna see if a site renders the same in NN4, and
> lamers who can't afford decent computers/browsers.
What about all the Universities that have people surfing from machines 5
years old? Or Unix work stations running flavors like Linux, Solaris, Irix,
and *gasp* even Next? The most popular browser among faculty at Universities
is actually Netscape 4 on MacOS 9. Let's also not forget about the 50,000
K-12 school districts in the US that got most of their hardware donated from
companies scrapping their old computers or from big price breaks from Apple.
Netscape 4 owns the education market and that is a whole fucking lot of

90% of real surfers are using level 5 browsers? Yeah right!


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