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Hi Samir

Interesting point - I'd just like to clarify one thing which is that when
you talk about "profit" you mean "Profit for the developer because they get
more work" rather than "profit for the client because the site is more

The interesting thing is that in terms of *long-term* profitability, based
on delivering results to a client and developing a trusting relationship
with them, the first group *still* do better.


Subject:    Re: [thelist] targeting effectively

It seems that that there are 2 kinds of website builders out there.

The first are those who not only care about their clients, but actually
care about the craft and art of website creation. To those the process
and end result are important. These people also seem to abide by a
certain philosophy on the internet, i.e. they treat the internet and and
WWW as a public common and resource.

The second group just don't give a damn. They neither care about the WWW
or the internet as objects, but only really think about them in terms of
'How can I make a profit?' They care neither for the art and craft of
website creation. They code for browsers, rely on non-standard,
proprietary formats. This breed of people will cater to the dominant
market force out of short-sightedness rather than actually take some
sort of stand and code to standards that all people can use. This group
usually doesn't 'get' what the first group is about.

10 monkeys using FP and DW might make a good website with a bit of work,
but it'll take a lot more than that to create good code. (Actually, with
FP it is doubtful if one can ever make a good website, monkeys or not)

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