[thelist] Re: css styling of tables

CodeBitch codebitch at macedition.com
Mon Mar 25 18:02:01 CST 2002

On 26/3/02 5:09 AM, Ben Phillips wrote:

> i have been getting quite confused with styling tables using css.
> previously, i have used html attributes such as bgcolor, but am trying
> to move away from this towards supplying the table or maybe a tr or td
> with a style that can be changed via css.
> however, i have met with quite a bit of resistance on the cross-browser
> front. i also am not sure whether to style a row, or each cell, or how
> to style a column. i also got a bit confused with the border-collapse
> issue as well - albeit with only a quick glance through the w3c
> documentation.
> basically, i'm looking for some good online tutorials that explain the
> best methods of styling html tables using css.

At the risk of blowing my trumpet again, you can explore the level of
support for CSS in tables by different browsers at the MacEdition guide to
CSS in tables.

Border-collapse is only supported by Opera and Mozilla builds after
mid-February this year, including 0.9.9.  Background colors apply to cells,
but of course you can use a contextual selector to style a particular row or
column, eg

TR.thisrow TD {background-color:#666;}

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