[thelist] embeding flash in your xhtml

johnpeace webshot at members.evolt.org
Tue Mar 26 00:24:01 CST 2002

> flash. Is there something I'm missing or is non-conformance the price
> I have to pay when using the flash plugin?

It seems liek if one of the browsers requires that you use a tag that isn't
valid xHTML (embed), then yes...use of Flash (for netscape browsers)
requires non-conformance. I think it's telling that Netscape would put us in
that position...but I'm so over complaining about that browser.

I guess you could let a server side browser detect script write the Flash
tag, so at least if it isn't required, you don't use the non-standard
<embed> tag.

Reminds me I have a Flash tip I've been saving up,
<tip type="flash">
Like Action Script but hate that crappy little Flash 5 code editor? Well, it
doesn't get that much better in Flash MX, but I recently learned a handy
trick...Put your action script in an external file (.as extension on mine)
and #include "file.as". Then, open "file.as" in Homesite (or if you're
Aardvark, in notepad...oh wait, if you're Aardvark you aren't going anywhere
near Flash, nevermind :) or your code editor of choice and enjoy syntax
coloring, nice formatting and a window big enough to let you actually see
what you're doing.


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