[thelist] Moral : Don't use javascript for critical functions

Syed Zeeshan Haider zeeshan_paki at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 26 09:55:01 CST 2002

Hi Michael,
I am changing the subject line of an extensively discussed thread. I
read about 50% percent posts of this thread "navigation through form
posting". I left some unread because the technical language used in
those posts was higher than my head. My first concern is JavaScript.
Experts of web say that JavaScript was invented (or developed) by
Netscape to handle web pages dynamically. With JavaScript off on client
side, how can this language be useful for the developers who want to use
JavaScript for "critical functions"? What would be the other choice for
such JavaScripters? How can a man, who has learnt an easy language like
JavaScript to handle the dynamics, would be inclined to learn the more
difficult languages like pearl, C and other web languages just to
replace an easy one for the same dynamics? It seems to me a sad thing
for JavaScript.
Can't there be any INTERNATIONAL LAW, which could restrict the use of
JavaScript for spam like pop-up ads? How can JavaScript be the risk for
Note: I am in the basics of web and I have joined this list just to
learn more and more from experts like you.
Thank you,
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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Gleaned from net statistics for February 2002:

Browsers with out javascript enabled 12%
Browsers without java enabled 13%

Many Windows users who disable ActiveX controls as a security measure
by doing this ( unknowingly?) disable javascript.

I also have seen some stats which suggest that as many as 18% of users
javascript disabled, it appears to depend on geographic location.

Moral : Don't use javascript for critical functions
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> >  - pages can't be accurately bookmarked.
> Agreed, unless they are using GET instead of POST
> >  - users can't share a page with others by simply
> >    sending the address they see in the address bar.
> Same response as above.
> >  - using the back button gives an expired form
> >    post message.
> Not if using GET... and it depends, because you could create a
> modify the behavior of the back button and to call values from hidden
> elements that would supply the values necessary.
> >  - reloading gives a "repost form data" message.
> Again, only if POST, not GET
> >  - link destinations are obscured in a manner even
> >    worse than obscuring it with descriptive text
> Not necessarily true, but a good point.  You can put alt text on a
> submit button.
> >  - non-js browsers and browsers with js disabled
> A non-js browser?  sigh.  I really wish we could get past browsers
> don't support commonly used (98%+ of the market) technologies that
> around since 1996 (6 years+)
> David
> www.confluentforms.com

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