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> Besides the Syndey Olympics (which was a publicly funded
> event/organization), has there been any other precedent set by
> ANY court of
> a web site found to discriminate (that was not a publicly funded
> event/organization) or are we all blowing smoke?

Red herring.

1.  Sydney Organising Committee received public funds but was
    not a government entity.  Looks like what UK people would
    call a QUANGO (quasi-nongovernmental organisation). Dunno
    whether the term is in use abroad.

2.  Under the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    there are no distinctions drawn between public and private

This hang-up you seem to be having about the difference between
public- and private-sector organisations may stem from an
inability to consider the fact that out of ~6 billion people
in the world, ~5.8 billion of them don't live in the United

For a detailed explanation of the Sydney proceedings, which
evidently you've never read, I suggest you have a look at
this summary...


...and look particularly at section 2.

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