[thelist] targeting: another dimension

Andrew Gianni andrew at newkenmore.com
Tue Mar 26 11:43:00 CST 2002

Oddly enough, my first paid Web development project was in '94 converting a
Gopher site to a Web site which I did Eli Whitney style, writing a Perl
script to do the conversion (That's how I learned Perl). It was the
accessible computing resource site for the University at Buffalo, and by '94
they already had a mandate to scrap all their gopher sites and move
everything to the Web.

I miss gopher like I miss archie and uuencode :)


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> > From: eike.p at t-online.de (Eike Pierstorff)
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> > > I'm disappointed that nobody has yet told me why they decided to
> > > start making web sites rather than gopher sites. All those poor
> > > gopher users ... alienated, unsupported!
> >
> > Websites are more accessible.
> i can't find a windows gopher client?
> or any gopher servers?
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