[thelist] Updateable query? ASP DSN-less access connection

Tab Alleman talleman at RealMetros.com
Tue Mar 26 14:37:01 CST 2002

Is it possible that their copy of the db has a typo in one of the column
names, or is missing a column or mis-defining a column?

Can you try a dsn-less connection running the script on your server, but
calling the database on their server via the IP?

..my 2 shots in the dark.

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They're pulled out of a form, here's a test one

(Headline,Body,ImgLink,ImgPrevLink,ImgAlt,Entry,Expiry,Descr) VALUES

All fields are text apart from Body which is a memo.

As mentioned it breaks only on their server but works fine here.



ed at suppose.co.uk



Paul Backhouse Tue Mar 26 06:55:01 2002

I would need to see what your queries are.


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