[thelist] Need help with developing a bookmarklet - IE5.5W(and 5.0?) support

Liorean Liorean at user.bip.net
Wed Mar 27 14:49:13 CST 2002

Hello, fellow evolters!

I'm in lack of a PC with IE5.5, and I really don't have the time to make
small changes in the code, ask someone to check it out, correct the code,
ask them again etc. Would anyone here be interested in trying to fix the
code I have to work in IE5.5 on Windows?

The code itself can be found at
<http://www.ashleyit.com/liorean/viewstyles.js> and the bookmarklet code is

As you probably want to know more about it before you answer, here's what
the bookmarklet currently does, proviuded you're using IE6 or Moz:
  - Dissects document.styleSheets and finds out what stylesheets are
external (both link and @import).
  - Read the file through ActiveXObject (of the type XMLHTTP) in IE and
XMLHttpRequest in Mozilla.
  - Opens a popup for output.
  - Outputs link to file, source code, and http headers. Source code and
http headers are hidden by default, and expanded when use clicks on the
link for respective functionality.
  - It cannot for security reasons read out-of-domain stylesheets, so those
are only linked to.
(- Frame support planned to be added in the future.)

Or, as a summary, it allows you to view the external stylesheets on a page
in a popup, including display of the HTTP headers.

Current problems:
  - IE 5.0 doesn't support some of the array methods used in the
bookmarklet, so these will have to be emulated (quite easily done, but adds
to script size, so won't be done until IE5.5 support is achieved).
  - IE 5.5 just opens a clear popup for some, or throws an error for some.
  - Lack of support for http request on IE Mac makes support for that
browser very hard to do. It can be done through excessive IFRAME
use´though, but that's probably never going to happen.

Of course, anybody involved will get due credit for his/her work. I can't
provide any pay for it, though.
// Liorean, in need of some assistance

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