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TRG java_fella at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 27 20:10:57 CST 2002


I'm getting into the Beta on the new
http://www.templatekit.com/tk2 website.

I've included a section for people to submit their own
articles, own templates & open source, and of
course...links to their website/or business.

The main site http://www.templatekit.com as it is the
old static version...quite a difference.

Y'all are free to submit your own resource sites
and/or templates to our engine.

We'd appreciate any help you can give in trying to
break our system..or ways to improve it. This is my
first data-driven website, we went with MySQL, PHP and
run on Apache - after a length conversation about the
merits of all database structures right here on the


Tom Granger, Florentine Design Group

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