[thelist] Custom CMS

Ken Kogler ken at kenkogler.com
Wed Mar 27 20:32:01 CST 2002

> No-one can complain that the secretaries haven't been updating their
> information - changes are immediate.
> We use simple fill-in forms under /admin, with required
> fields.  A small
> list of HTML tags (e.g. <p>,<br>,<strong>,<i>,<a href="">)
> will be explained
> to them, if they wish to format their information.  All
> styles are handled
> by a stylesheet for them.
> hth :)

It does, actually. Thanks.

This is pretty much what I'm trying to tell my bosses, too. This admin
system is easier in the long run. They're just not listening.

In your opinion, is it easier to train the staff on a few basic html
tags, or allow them the freedom of a client side editor?

-Ken Kogler

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