[thelist] Acceptable printing formats

cdj chris at fuzzylizard.com
Wed Mar 27 20:34:01 CST 2002

PDF is probably the best way of publishing anything that you want
printable on the web. I am not sure what the percentage of people is
that would have Acrobat but it should be fairly high.

Another possible solutions though: at one point in time it was possible
to print directly from Flash. There was a way that when the user clicked
on a button it would signal the print command and begin to print a
hidden flash layer that was both scalable and printer perfect. Really
cool technology and I have no idea if it is still supported.

Personally, I would stick with PDF and scrap any other alternatives. It
is a fairly ubiquitous file format and you have the guarantee that what
gets printed is what you laid out. Plus, the other techniques require
the user to load one or two other programs whereas acrobat usually loads
right into the browser and it is a simple click of a button to print.

This is assuming that the newsletter will be distributed via a website.
If you are planning on emailing it to people then html or regular text
would be best.



-----Original Message-----
I have a client that wants their newsletter published in a printable
format. No big deal, I have several versions of the newsletter such as
.pdf, .doc and a downloadable .zip.  Are there other acceptable, or more
ways to publish the newsletter so the techno phobic people will have an
easier time just printing from the web?.


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