[thelist] Custom CMS

nagrom morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Mar 27 21:26:01 CST 2002

> * Basic html formatting tags are quite intuitive and easily learnt
> * There are too many features in WYSIWYG editors for what they need it
> them too much freedom too easily
>  "ooh, I can change the link to pink" -- leaves the *design* ideally to
> designer
> > In your opinion, is it easier to train the staff on a few basic html
> or allow them the freedom of a client side editor?

i have lots of clients that edit product information, press releases and the
like in admin sections.
i think it's the best solution, as you may even find you'd spend as much
time doing dreamweaver tech support as you would creating the system.

you can make mini forms that will generate formatted links,
ordered/unordered lists, etc from pasted text if you want to make it really
easy on them.
ever see those way-cool textarea blocks that highlight when you focus on
them? i think they were on this site called... http://www.evolt.org  -grin-


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