[thelist] 5 frame change, one mouse click and N4.7

Gilles Vincent g_vincent at ixo.fr
Thu Mar 28 07:08:01 CST 2002

I don't understand why you don't create a special page containing your 5 new
frames, and link to this page (this "top" as target)..
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Subject: [thelist] 5 frame change, one mouse click and N4.7

> list,
>    (For those that may remember my request for help in guiding a
>    client away from frames)
>    http://www.twitchen.co.uk/trial02/
>    Much to my despair the client has chosen to go with the framed
>    version of the site.  Not only that but actually adding a further 2
>    frames to the equation.
>    Which leads me to another problem (one of many in fact) - I need to
>    be able to change 5 frames with one mouse click (yes you did read
>    correctly 5!!)

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