[thelist] Custom CMS

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Mon Apr 1 00:35:01 CST 2002

On Mar 27, Ken Kogler had something to say about RE: [thelist] Custom CMS

>> the only disadvantage (well, the *main* one) is that you don't have
>> control over what they slap into their content files. furthermore, if
>> they're using a WYSIWYG editor, you're gonna have to regexp
>> out just the
>> stuff between <body></body>
>Yeah, that would work, but if the fac/staff is using client side editors
>(probably FP) then they're not going to want to have to run their html
>files through my regex script. They'd be working on files directly in
>live webspace.

of course. that's why you do the regexp when you're reading in teh
content. yeah, there'd be a performance hit (small), but i don't think you
wanna mess with the files they're editing with FP.

>> i think it would fit better with your
>> situation to read in the app content into different templates:
>> freshman app template -> reads in ../editable/application.htm
>> transfer app template -> reads in ../editable/application.htm
>Yeah, that's what someone else here said, too... It's just that the
>sheer volume of files that "share" content like this is staggering...
>Way over 2,500, which makes the admin of a system like this both
>time-consuming and ridiculous.

well, if you need two views of the same data, i'm not sure how you can get
better than 2 "displayers" and 1 "content" piece. Note that if the diffs
between the freshman and transfer looks are few (like, just the breadcrumb
trail, some links, etc.) you can use the same template for both.

>> >Setting up a system like the
>> >article submission thingy on evolt should be more that sufficient.
>> except we don't have an html editor interface
>Duly noted. I didn't explain myself too clearly on this point... I was
>referring to the fact that the fac/staff could learn approx 10 html tags
>and just do it all themselves. Might be easier to train them on that
>than on FP.

agreed. the inline text formatting stuff is relatively easy to pick up.


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