[thelist] Scrollable text area

Rob Oviatt rgoviatt at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Apr 1 08:09:01 CST 2002

I've been asked to build a small web site, in which most of the content
will be located in a central text area.  The designer of the site doesn't
want to use a frame set up, and insists on using graphic buttons to scroll
up and down in this area (meaning no scroll bar).  Compatibility with IE/NS
4.x browsers is a concern, which makes me wonder how to go about
implementing this.  Iframe?  Textbox? Suggestions?

I've done a bit of browsing through some javascript archives, but haven't
found anything yet to do what I'm looking for.  Anyone know of a script
that could do this?

Any help or leads are appreciated.

Rob Oviatt

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